Q: Do I need to get a new driveway?


A: Probably not! That’s why we exist. In the vast majority of cases, paving stone driveways need cleaning, reinforcement and new sand. In a few rare cases they need to be replaced. We will let you know if this is the case and help you to get some prices to do this.


Q: Do you lift the paving stones?


A: Yes. For our restoration package, we lift specific sections that are sinking, reinforce and regrade the base underneath. However our Lift and Relay package means we lift up your entire driveway, build up the base and relay it again. Talk to us about which option would be best for your driveway.

Q: After you clean out the joints, do you fill them with something?


A: Yes, after we have stripped out your joints, lifted and relayed the sinking spots, we fill the joints with a high quality polymeric sand using brooms and a vibrating plate compactor. This stabilizes the surface while deterring weeds and ants.

Q: How long does it take to restore my driveway? 

A: For a restoration, it can take anywhere from 2-3 days. For a full lift and relay, it may take 4 days. (Weather depending!)

Q: Can we park on it while you are working on it? 

A: We do not recommend that you park on your driveway while it is in the midst of being restored. It’s best to arrange street parking or park with a friendly neighbour. 

Q: Do you seal the driveway? 

A: Yes, but not immediately after restoration. The Polymeric sand used can leave some hazing on the driveway and if we seal it immediately after, this can result in the surface looking cloudy. It’s best to wait a few weeks after a restoration to seal the driveway.

Q: My pavers are broken or cracked – can you still restore the driveway?

A: It depends. In many cases, we can remove the broken pavers and insert the spaces with pavers from your driveway in another spot. Check out our Border Retrofit Service. In a few cases, the damage to your pavers may be so bad that you will need to completely replace the surface. While this is rare, we will let you know if this is the case and offer to connect you to some recommended local contractors who can offer you estimates on a new driveway.

Q: How do I pay?

A: We accept cheques, cash or e-transfers.


Q: Do you have a referral program?

A: Yes, we do, and we really appreciate referrals. Ask us for more information!

Q: Do you install new paving stones?

A: No, currently we do not do new installations. However, we can refer you to a number of local trusted contractors who do.

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